14 Nisan 2013 Pazar

#LIOOnlineLearning Reflection 4 @lilibasp

Online tool is readily accessible and easy to use, yet it could have been more user friendly had there been instructions on preventing and limiting the automated sharing of posts. I have already created a hootcourse for BilgiMBA Marketing, and plan to actively use it next semester

#LIOOnlineLearning Reflection3 @lilibasp

The biggest challenges I expect to face when transitioning from f2f environment to an online environment include issues with techonology as I am expected to handle an online syncrhonized teaching environment via new techonological platforms.

4 Nisan 2013 Perşembe

#LIOOnlineLearning Reflection 2

#LIOOnlineLearning Reflection 2

Biggest challenge my students face when they transition from f2f environment to 100% online environment is time management. Since they don't have a fixed course schedule to follow, lack of their fixed dedicated time allocation demands them to their own time management. Yet, they mostly come up with requests for postponment of deadlines.